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NEW Ikarus 3.2  3.5cc  Propshafts couplings rudders  DM PROPS M5  Propellers Gas tuned pipes Racelist 
DRAKKON 2  7.5cc  Hardware Building materials. Trim tabs     Technical Free Stuff
 NEW NEW FSRV TORNADO T8  Tiger King engines  Carbon wing Rubber Mounts  Gearboxes  
 Kraken 52 FSRO 27 and FSRO 15 Zenoah Spares Fuel-tanks
 float tanks
 Tuned Pipes  Naviga FSRV World Champions
KRAKEN 42 7.5cc CMB spare parts Gas Engine Accesories Rubber mounts Links
FSRV TORNADO T7.4  Zenoah Engines  NEW ITEMS Radio Boxes  

Ikarus 2.3 FSRV 3.5cc

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FSRV TORNADO T8 Racing Boat   
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KRAKEN 52  27 cc and 15cc

 NEW KRAKEN 42 7.5cc
Hardware Parts

shafts couplings rudders

DM PROPS Propellers
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Radio trim tabs
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Carbon wing
Tiger King engines 

Float chambers

Zenoah Spares

 Fuel tanks

CMB Marine Engines
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zenoah marine engines
Zenoah Marine Engines 

Rubber mount
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 Building Materials
wpe26.jpg (22038 bytes)
 Engine mounts

Tuned Pipes 

This site is devoted to FSRV , IMBRA E or Multi boats.   All FSR  parts are shown here from racing model engines to competition multi boat fsr hulls and all FSRV multiboat hardware. Lots of free technical FSRF boat information which is also suitable for OMRA offshore and  BMPRS boats.  FSRV racing is organised by Naviga and Imbra with a bi-annual World Championships.
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