PMB Model Boats   
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EPOXY materials. Epoxy materials are only used with Epoxy boats which are normally FSRV and FSRO boats.   
E7  epoxy build kit. 450g epoxy resin/hardener plus glass cloth, carbon kevlar tape  and microfibres  wpe8C.jpg (26152 bytes) 29.95
E8  Microfibres 250ml. Ground cotton fibres. Mix with epoxy resin to make a tough thick paste to go around mounting feet, propshaft, rudder etc  before laying on the glass cloth.    3.95
E10 1 x metre  x 200g 50mm wide very soft carbon/kevlar tape.  wpe8A.jpg (56317 bytes) 4.95
E11 1 x metre x 200g 25mm wide very soft carbon/kevlar tape.  wpe8C.jpg (26152 bytes) 4.45

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