PMB Model Boats   
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Gas Engine MarineTuned Pipes

The theory of tuned pipe operation is fairly complex, but the end result is that they act as superchargers, increasing the engine performance by up to 30% even on sport engines. 

Prestwich Competition tuned pipes are all constructed from bronze welded, lightweight stainless steel sheet. The tuned pipe consists of:  double coned tuned pipe section, rear silencing section, watercooling on front cone only with no mixing of water and exhaust gases, pressure take off pipe for fuel tank pressure. (can be blanked off if required) .

These tuned pipes have been developed through racing over the past 25 years, to give the best possible performance with excellent throttling and the lowest possible noise level. The tuned pipes are watercooled to maintain an even temperature and so give a consistent performance.( the watercooling is around the header part of the pipe and water does not mix with the exhaust gases)
Performance is proven by results. In the 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997and 1998,99, 2000, 2001,2002 British FSR Championships, almost all the winning boats used PMC tuned pipes. FSR RACING Champions from France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Poland, South Africa, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Austria and many other countries use PMC tuned pipes. 
Every tuned pipe is complete with comprehensive instruction leaflet, giving recommended manifold lengths and instructions on adjusting for best performance. 

PMC Competition, silenced, stainless steel, watercooled tuned pipes.
CS11 3.5cc. 16mm (5/8") inside header. Special for high rpm: 30 to 35,000. 

wpe91.jpg (18392 bytes)

CS20  6.5/7.5cc.19mm (3/4") inside header pipe. High rpm. 28000 to 31000. Suitable for gear drive. tuned.2.jpg (2313 bytes)

CS5  15cc for  22mm (7/8") inside header.  for CMB, Picco, OPS. etc.  tuned.4.jpg (2431 bytes)
CS23A 22/25ccSpecial pipe for Zenoah G260PUM and modified Zenoahs and Quickdraw 25cc. Very fast, very quiet.