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Reduction Gearbox RS45 7.5cc
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GB25RS MOCOM gearbox for  RS45 only. NEW CNC lightweight machined aluminium housing with 7mm diameter main nitrided steel shaft. Gear is 10mm wide delrin with aluminium gear carrier.  The lower delrin gear can easily be changed and is held onto the gear carrier by three high tensile screws. The main bearings are 7x19x6.  rs452box.jpg (134828 bytes) Out of production
GB31 Spare delrin gear for GB25RS. 7mm bore, 10mm wide. 31T 12.95

GB7GC Gear carrier for GB25RS, 7mm bore, aluminium with screws. wpe21.jpg (8167 bytes) 11.95

GB7MM Lower gear-shaft, 7mm diameter x 150mm long nitride hardened steel.  .wpe27.jpg (10702 bytes) 6.50

GB607S Standard bearing for 7.5 gearbox. 7x19x 6 stainless steel  bearingphoto.jpg (15833 bytes) 2.95

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