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ZTK519 Instructions 

Linkage setup is shown here. Adjust the linkage until the carb can open fully and close.  The arm can be moved on the throttle barrel but it must remain very close to where it was factory set because it is possible to assemble the carb with the arm 180 degrees out. This will then not allow the barrel to move up and down to meter the fuel correctly. The barrel MUST move up and down and the arm is in close to the correct position from the factory. wpeC7.jpg (15345 bytes)
  The main needle is not as critical as other carbs. Start with it open 4 turns. Take great care not to screw the main needle down hard, it can bend the end of the needle.
The very small mid range (sometimes called tickover) needle should be unscrewed until level with the large brass part, then screw it in 9 turns. This will be too rich on the midrange but is a good starting point. It is possible to screw the midrange in too far to give the perfect tickover but this can restrict fuel supply at full throttle and so a slightly rich midrange is preferred. Once a good setting is achieved it is recommended to use some low strength loctite on the screw threads to prevent it moving. The 2 brass nipples on the top are as follows.. The bent brass nipple is an overflow for the primer bulb. This can be left open or can be connected to a spare vent on the tank as an overflow return. When using an iv fuel bag this nipple should be left open The short brass nipple is the fuel inlet. Always use a very fine fuel filter in the fuel line.  On some versions of the manifold there is a nipple which must be connected to the nipple on the underside of the carb with the tygon tube provided.
wpeC9.jpg (31367 bytes) wpeCC.jpg (77425 bytes)


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