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This is our new 27 to 30cc gas and 15cc nitro racing rigger. 1200mm long and made from coloured gelcoated fibreglass cloth. Sealed radio box built in, strong carbon and aluminium sponson tubes already drilled and fitted, aluminium turn fin. With a 27cc tuned Tiger King it is capable of speeds between 70 and 80 mph, 120 to 130 kph.  Available in red or golden yellow. 

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   NEPTUNE rigger Standard version with everything seen in the pics including CNC aluminium turn fin, rsealed radio compartment, Fibreglass hull , engine cover and sponsons made from gelcoated coloured fibreglass suitable for standard gas engine mounts. Sponson tube mounts are fitted to the hull, carbon and aluminium sponson tube already fitted with carbon and aluminium sponson tubes. Turn fin mounts installed.  
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NEPTUNE DEAL 5 Ultimate deal ARTR. All of these parts are fitted...Engine, Engine mount, shaft and tube, rudder, tuned pipe mount, rubber bellows, HT coil, aerial, sponson tubes, turn fin, hatch fixings, fuel tank, water outlet, water pipes, tuned pipe mount.  Parts consists of NEPTUNE rigger with with TK5 Tiger King Racetuned 27cc racing engine Full race Tiger King  engine 7.6 bhp engine,  watercooled silenced stainless steel  CS26  tuned pipe, coil remote relocation kit,  throttle linkage, quiet motor mounts, 1/4" flexishaft assembly including aluminium CNC strut, brackets, tube, drive dog, CNC machined wedge rudder assembly with  built in water pickups, aluminium water outlet,  through hull nipple,  rubber bellows, big bore water silicone tube and tygon fuel tube, stainless steel flexhex coupling,  fuel tank,  quick release hatch clips,  balanced-sharp 2 blade racing propeller, tube type aerial, rudder and throttle linkages,  turn fin,  tuned pipe mount, radio box tape,   This is top quality hardware not seen on any other boat kits. . Normal price 1454.00.  Special price 1250.00.   

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