Resin plus hardener. MIX 5:1 by weight or volume.
Epoxy cloth.
Carbon Kevlar strips for hull.deck joint.

Wear plastic gloves when working with epoxy resin. Skin does not like resin !!.

Always try to measure the epoxy components as exactly as possible. Using more hardener will not speed up the setting time. It will cause the resin to be weakened.  Our resin /hardener is usually mixed 5.1 by weight or volume Check on the label. 
1. If the hull is not vacuumed then roughen the the hull and deck around the joint and where parts are to be epoxied in. Use 40 or 60 grit production paper. Only use the correct epoxy resin that we sell. Different makes of resin will not stick well to each other.

2. Epoxy boat building joining method. Cut off the lip of the hull. Position the deck correctly on the hull and mark the deck at the hull edge. Cut off this deck lip. Clamp the two parts together with tape making sure the edge is completely covered. Cut out the deck openings. Mix about 150 grams of resin and paint it around the inside of the joint. You can use a heatgun/hairdryer to warm the resin on the brush to let it flow easily. Mix some of the resin with microfibres to make a thick paste and put a fillet of the paste around the joint about 12mm wide.. Itís not easy to do at the front of the boat, but it is possible. We use a brush used for painting behind radiators or a lollipop stick extended with a piece of wood to do the difficult areas.. Before this resin has set, lay the joining tape over the paste. Use small lengths of tape approx 300 to 400mm long. Itís not impossible but it is difficult to do it in one piece. The tape should stick to the paste to hold it in position. After the tape is in place and still wet, paint epoxy resin onto the tape, warming it with the heatgun to make sure it is wetted out completely. Leave the boat in a warm place for 20 hours to allow the resin to fully harden.

The rest of the epoxy boat building can be done as normal. We use thick cyano glue to tack everything in place and then epoxy over it with paste and cloth



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