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3. Assemble motor with cooling coil to motor mount. Handle the coil with care as it is made from aluminium tube and is easily damaged. Slide the propshaft tube through the hole in the hull and couple the shaft to the motor to trial fit the drive assembly.(See separate instructions for drive shaft assembly.)

4. Once you have ensured that the motor and drive assembly fit into the hull with the shaft aligned straight to the motor, the motor mount and propshaft can be glued in place with thick cyano, having first roughened the gluing area on the prop tube to ensure a good "key". The propshaft should have l7mm of clearance between the hull and the shaft centreline (see drawing.). Remove the motor and set to one side.

5. Place the rudder post in its hole and use a set square to get it vertical in the boat. It is important that the rudder is vertical otherwise the boat will have handling problems. When happy that the rudder is positioned correctly, tack glue it in place. Offer up the ABS servo mount/rudder brace to the transom side of the rudder post and glue it in place to the floor of the boat, running a fillet of glue down each side of the rudder post where it meets the servo mount.

6. Drill and file a 4 mm hole 55 mm forward of the transom and 5 mm outside the left hand side inverted spray rail to accept the aluminium water pickup which should be glued into the hull at an angle of approx 30 degrees. Cut off or file off any excess tube on the outside of the hull. The water outlet should be glued in place near the motor on the side of the deck.

7. Roughen the joining surfaces on the hull and deck with some 120 grit sandpaper. Practice clamping the hull and deck together to make sure itís correct before glueing. The two halves can be joined with Stabilit Express glue or Fusion glue or thick cyano. The 2 halves should be clamped together using clothes pegs or bulldog clips, taking care not to distort the boat. The flange can then be sanded down until itís about 6-7 mm wide.

8. Check the hatch line on the deck and cut around it using a NEW Stanley knife blade or similar. Its possible to partly cut through and crack it or just cut all the way through. Cut pieces of the excess flange material removed from hull and deck to make strips to go inside the hatch line on the deck to reinforce it. . The motor mount must be drilled and filed to accept the motor and motor mounting screws. Then glue it in place making sure the motor shaft and prop-shaft are aligned. The Servo should be mounted near the back of the boat and connected to the rudder arm with the supplied pushrod. The pushrod should be about 15mm long.

9. The hatch is sealed using waterproof tape. (sellotape diamond tape or freezer tape)


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