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All Zenoah and Tiger King marine engines have RC pumper carbs and are watercooled.  Zenoah and Tiger King engines have electronic ignition making them very easy to start and reliable. 
TK2 TIGER KING S-27 EVO  27cc Petrol engine  watercooled gas marine engine Very powerful (5.95bhp)and very strong. 


Tiger King Engines

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TK5 TIGER KING TK5 S-27 EVODM  RACETUNED 27cc Petrol engine. Watercooled gas marine engine Very powerful race modified version 7.7 bhp at 14,500 rpm with modified sleeve, cylinder block, piston, crankshaft, compression ratio, port timings and port time areas. We have been racing and testing this engine since August 2013 and it is a real powerhouse with huge amounts of torque and no breakages of any kind.
Tiger King Engines
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ZEN3 ZENOAH  G300PUM New 29.5cc Zenoah engine 36mm bore Petrol engine with 1mm stroker crankshaft, Walbro 257 carb and EZstart recoil starter.  electronic ignition. 5.2 bhp when used with a good tuned pipe.  
Zenoah Engine Spares
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ZEN516 ALUMINIUM INSULATOR BLOCK/carb flange with fibre gaskets. Block is machined with raised edges to prevent the gaskets being distorted. Better performance from the smoother intake tract and no more distorted flanges. wpe1.jpg (11463 bytes)

ZEN518 NEW  for December 2015 BIG BORE CARB KIT AND ALUMINIUM 90 degree INSULATOR BLOCK to fit Zenoah, Tiger King, RCMK and other motors.
This is a REAL 15.5mm big bore carb with linkage and insulator block that rotates the carb 90 degrees. This removes any vibration problems from the carb.
15.5mm bore carb which has no butterfly and so has far better flow figures than a normal Walbro carb. This carb has an aluminium barrel for strength plus it has a new top cover with anodised aluminium ramp to remove any wearing problems that usually occur on this type of carb. We have modified the popoff valve pressure to provide more fuel at high rpm. The improved throttling/torque and increase in peak power with this carb on a modified or stock engine is immediately apparent. The kit comprises modified big bore carb, throttle bellcrank type link, insulator block and gasket and is a direct replacement for the original insulator block and butterfly type carb (644 or 257)

 THIS IS NOT A WYK33 CARB and the aluminium barrel and linkage will not fit a WYK33. This carb has an aluminium barrel and a bigger bore than the WYK33.

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ZEN518B 2 x spare gaskets for ZEN 518 and ZEN 518A



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ZEN524 Throttle linkage, bellcrank type  for pushrod operation on Zenoah and Tiger King engines.. CNC machined aluminium, easy to fit.  A coil relocator must be used with this item. wpe9B.jpg (462953 bytes) wpe9D.jpg (117354 bytes)
ZEN525 Pushrod for bellcrank type throttle linkages. 2 x 2mm pushrods threaded at one end with small strong balljoints and stainless steel pushrod connector. wpe2.jpg (8622 bytes)
ZEN526 Aluminium throttle arm for Walbro carbs with 2 adapters for different cabs wpe98.jpg (15803 bytes)
SPECIAL OFFER FOR Jan to April 2010  25.00 including shipping to anywhere in the world.
zenoah twostroke tuning software





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ZEN 526 CLUTCH. RC boat clutch assembly with round 1/4" flexshaft coupling to fit  Zenoah, Tiger King, RCMK and Sikk engines. This clutch will allow the fitting of standard engine mounts. wpe4.jpg (10248 bytes)

ZEN527 CLUTCH and WATERPUMP assembly ready to fit. 
Complete heavy duty centrifugal clutch and waterpump for Tiger King, Zenoah, RCMK and Sikk engines. The clutch disengages at low rpm to allow the boat to stop and the waterpump feeds water around the engine to prevent overheating.   
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ZEN529A Waterpump with single input/output wpe67.jpg (29689 bytes)

ZEN530 Tygon genuine fuel tubing 3.2mm inside diameter. This is the very soft flexible type of tubing suitable for petrol (gas). 950mm wpe1.jpg (46880 bytes)

ZEN531 Starter pulley for use with starter belt and electric starter for Zenoah and Tiger King. Replaces the pullstart and makes life easy.  Use with 24volt starter and starter belt .wpe85.jpg (24613 bytes)

ZEN532 Zenoah aluminium quick change quiet motor mount fits 5" rails. This motor mount will also fit in boats that have no rails. For Zenoah, Tiger KIng zenoahmountht4.jpg (2879 bytes)
ZEN533  CNC machined aluminium quiet motor mount fits 5" rails for Zenoah and Tiger King. Contains rubber mounts, mounting plates and all screws etc.

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ZEN534 CNC VS3 machined aluminium quiet motor mount fits 5" rails or freestanding using 4 RM96 plates for Zenoah or Tiger King engines. Also SUITABLE FOR FSRV BOATS. Contains rubber mounts, mounting plates and all screws etc.  This is the strongest engine mount that we make.  wpe90.jpg (23588 bytes)
ZEN540 CNC aluminium coil relocator to fit Zenoah, RCMK, Tiger King. wpeE.jpg (17538 bytes)  wpe8.jpg (35183 bytes)
EE8A Manual geared fuel pump.  Suitable for nitro or gas.  
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ZEN550 1 litre of Shell Advance racing M oil for all Zenoah, RCMK etc.  UK SALES ONLY wpe58.jpg (18406 bytes)

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